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LinkedIn has unrivalled potential for B2B brands

LinkedIn now has 380 millions members with over 58 million registered companies

40% of LinkedIn users access it daily

LinkedIn drives 46% of social traffic to B2B websites

98% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn as part of their strategy

You’ve struggled.
You’ve hired social media managers.
You’ve got subpar results from a marketing agency.

Creating content is hard.

Perhaps you’ve even wondered whether content creation on LinkedIn is even worth the effort.

LinkedIn is a tough nut to crack, but its the social network where all the decision makers are.

Perhaps the time and energy you’ve put into LinkedIn seems like an awful waste. 

Most B2B businesses mindlessly spend money on marketing because it’s “budgeted”.
Or because they’re blindly following the competition.

We have a solution.

The LinkedIn Content Engine.
Unshackling brands from the prison of poor content.

Our content engine is the fastest, easiest way to get your brand noticed by the people who matter most.
No silly hacks.
No tired old seasonal posts.
Get the visibility that your brand deserves.
The LinkedIn Content Engine has 3 phases:


Our first phase provides absolute clarity on how to stand out in the market. Do customers think of your business as an exchangeable commodity?

The Build phase breathes personality into your brand.
You’ll stand out in the market.
And the market will know where you stand.


The Brand phase enables you to speak with your clients, not at them. If your content gets minimal engagement and doesn’t gain traction, it’s because you’re drowning in a sea of sameness.

Are you missing out on potential sales because your expertise is invisible to clients? Can’t figure out why that is?

That’s what the Brand phase is all about.

We’ll help you stop being a generic brand.
We’ll help you become noteworthy.


Let’s face it, your content is probably mediocre if you’re still reading this. Worse, you’re wasting time and money creating it.

Think about that for a minute.

That’s effort towards creating content that devalues your brand.

Content is a responsibility, not a chore. When it’s a chore, there’s no plan.

No plan means no strategy.
No strategy means your brand flounders along with no purpose.

Good content has a plan.
Good content has a strategy.
Good content gets you noticed.

And in the Broadcast phase, we hand you a clear, repeatable, system to create content.

You’ll no longer be adrift in a sea of mediocrity.

[You’ll be noteworthy.]


Statistics from just one of our clients.

24 posts carefully crafted to increase organic engagement and follower count by 172% bringing 1000+ unique visitors to their company page.

The Brains
Akshay Jamwal
Co founder
Chief Content Ninja

Nearly 20 years ago, Akshay Singh Jamwal noticed that there was a dearth of photography services for B2B companies.

In the process of creating photo and video content, he’s also advised dozens of companies about how to align this content with marketing goals.

All of this distilled experience led to the realisation that he could help businesses with much more than just photography or video.

He still creates photography and video content for his clients of course.

But as a co-founder his role has expanded further into creative direction and content strategy.

Lately, he’s been looking into implementing AI into content workflows.

Mansi Rastogi
Co founder
Chief of Brand

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